Boston Europe was established in August 2006 in Munich, Germany by Semih Semizoğlu as a sole proprietorship company. Boston Europe, first designed its own LED lighting and initiated its production, in a short time in Germany and Turkey. Following the high demand, the cable connection module carried out the design and production of additional rooms.


As a result of the development of the technologies used worldwide and the underground of the cables, it has become obligated to construct underground ducts/ rooms. Those ducts which were first made of wood and later of concrete, begun insufficient to today’s fiber optic cable technologies. Old technologies become insufficient to protect fiber optic cables. It is almost impossible to manufacture and install additional rooms, which are constantly developing and need to be installed faster every day, with the old system. Boston Europe has gained the capacity to produce a decent, high quality and long-lasting product under today’s conditions, thanks to its R&D studies that have continued for about 4 years.

Demand for manholes is increasing as construction and construction works and technologies are also developing. We produce cable connection modules according to EN 124 D400 standards using high technology machines.

Demand for manholes, has been increasing as construction and construction works and technologies develop.We have been manufacturing cable connection modules according to EN 124 D400 standards, by using high technology machines.

Boston Europe is in the position, as one of the 8 companies in the world, that produces Plastic additional rooms in such norms, standards and sizes. Among these companies, we are proud to be the only company that has the easiest system to install. (One Additional rooms’ installation is about 15-20 minutes).

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