Boston Europe cable manhole

Boston Europe manholes are made of high quality polycarbonate.


We offer "The Alternative" to traditional concrete manholes!
Plastic cable trays are suitable as in shafts, telecommunications distributor and underfloor distribution.


Let yourself be surprised by the quality and value for money.


BE-KS properties:


- designed for three types of load classes EN 124 (A15, B125, D400)

- Manhole Ducts/Cover in Plate with lug pattern, cast iron, concreted and paveable
- all steel parts are hot-dip galvanized

- Body frame made of plastic (fibreglass reinforced)
- base plate made of PVC

- assembly-friendly delivery
- possibility of height adjustment (up to 60 mm)
- all material used are stable and recyclable
- easier handling than concrete manholes
- tube adapter for all common pipe diameter (30-160 mm)



Advantages of Boston Europe Cable Manhole


     Advantage during transport and handling
     gerinerer installation costs = lower costs
     no major transportation and lifting equipment necessary
Modular design:
     Increase by simply attach single frame
     no glue, screws or complicated connections
     Change in the amount possible in retrospect
     Redevelopment of existing pipes is very simple

     maximum stability despite gerinem weight by very high quality plastic 

     (glass fiber reinforced)
     no float or sag due to smooth exterior walls
     mechanical protection and corrosion resistance of the body (plastic) and the 

     steel frame (galvanized)


Material Polycarbonate (modified):

     high temperature resistance
     extremely long life (100 years)
     fire safety
     high chemical resistance
     high UV-and weather resistance
     Environmentally friendly (multiple recyclable)

BE-KS sizes:



Type                                                                                     Clear opening mm        



BE-KS 0303   with steel frame                                              250  x   250 mm                

BE-KS 0306   with steel frame                                              250  x   550 mm  


BE-KS 0404   with steel frame                                              400  x   400 mm                

BE-KS 0409   with steel frame                                              400  x   929 mm                

BE-KS 0414   with steel frame                                              400  x 1457 mm  


BE-KS 0505   with steel frame                                              550  x   550 mm                

BE-KS 0512   with steel frame                                              550  x 1228 mm                

BE-KS 0519   with steel frame                                              550  x 1906 mm                


BE-KS 0707   with steel frame                                              700  x   700 mm              

BE-KS 0714   with steel frame                                              700  x 1440 mm              


BE-KS 0809   with steel frame                                              800  x   929 mm              

BE-KS 0814   with steel frame                                              800  x 1456 mm              

BE-KS 0819   with steel frame                                              800  x 1983 mm              


BE-KS V0408 with iron cast frame                                         400  x   800 mm              

BE-KS V0708 with iron cast frame                                         700  x   840 mm              






Special sizes on request!


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