• Basic kit with a manhole cover made of plate with hug pattern
  • Basic kit with a manhole cover made of cast iron
  • Basic kit with a concreted - lined manhole cover
  • Basic kit with a paveable manhole cover

Properties of a BE-KS basic kit:

  • Manhole cover (made of plate with lug pattern, cast iron, concrete-lined manhole cover or pave able
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel frame (with a 5 mm elastomer insert and screw connections)
  • Height adjustment (up to 50 mm)
  • Frame made of polycarbonate (screwed tightly on the steel frame)
  • Base plate made of PVC
  • Frame made of polycarbonate (tightly connected with the base plate)
  • Standard bore holes incl. vario standard entering guides with steel reinforcement (see illustrations above)

Arrangements ofthecableentryguides in thebasickit


The arrangement of the entering guides ofthe basic kits occurs central with a distance of 30 mm between theboreholes.

Cable enteringguide front side

Cable entering guide long side


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